Autism Class

What is an Autism Class?

A classroom within a mainstream school can be set aside specifically to teach children who have a diagnosis of autism. This is known as an autism class.

The number of children in an autism class is usually quite small, so that the teaching and support staff can attend effectively to their students’ needs.

Autism classes can be set up in both primary and secondary schools, where the need is apparent. The needs of the children attending an autism class will vary greatly from one child to the next. One child may need to spend the majority of their day in the autism class, learning from a curriculum that has been specially tailored to meet their needs. Another child, on the other hand, may need to be in the autism class for a short period during each day, and can participate in the mainstream curriculum once they have access to this support.

Autism Class provision in Moyderwell Mercy

Moyderwell Mercy Primary School with the approval of the Minister for Education and Skills has established an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Class at Moyderwell Mercy Primary School. Upon the completion of state of the art additional accommodation, this will extend to two Autism classes.

This class is for children:

  • who have a recognised ASD diagnosis
  • who have been recommended for placement in an ASD Class in a mainstream Primary School
  • who have the potential to integrate into a mainstream, age appropriate class.

Our ASD class offers an autism specific learning environment within a mainstream co-educational primary school. This setting facilitates optimum inclusion in mainstream education as part of the school community, as appropriate, while having due regard for levels of general learning disability, resources and each child’s current suitability for such inclusion.

We wish to provide a broad curriculum which focuses on the abilities and strengths of each child while supporting his/her areas of need. We will strive to enhance the communicative and social skills of the children in the ASD class.