School Policies

Code of Behaviour

In this school, the general thrust of discipline is positive. It is expected that parents would build on this by supporting teachers. We strive to provide a stable, secure learning environment where positive habits of self-respect, self-discipline and responsibility are nurtured. 

We expect the students to show respect for every member of the school staff, for all other pupils and for school property on all occasions.

Our school emphasises the three ‘K’s:

  • Kind hands
  • Kind feet
  • Kind words

We remember to ‘Do to others as we would like them to do to us’. Each student has a right to an education free from disruption, discrimination, fear and intimidation.  

Parents are reminded that mobile phones are NOT allowed in school.


Regular attendance is essential if pupils are to make consistent progress and our parents are thanked for their cooperation in seeing that their children attend punctually and are well prepared for all school activities.

Under the Education (Welfare) Act 2000, parents must inform the school if their children are absent from the school and the reason for the absence.

Parents are requested to use the absence notes in the homework diaries for students from first class to sixth class. 


Students are expected to have their homework done to the best of their ability. If there is a legitimate reason why homework cannot be done, a note or email explaining the reason must be sent to the class-teacher. Google Classroom is the preferred Homework communication app.

School Lunches and Healthy Eating Policy

Throughout the year, healthy eating habits are promoted through SPHE, Green School Policy and daily class routine. This includes teaching of the food pyramid, development of good personal hygiene, the importance of good nutrition and daily physical exercise. Fast Food (Sausage Rolls, Hot chicken etc), Fizzy drinks, chewing gum, big bars, sticky bars, fruit winders, multicoloured sweets and crisps are examples of food not allowed at any time. 

In September 2013, we launched our free lunch scheme for all pupils. Carambola Ltd. provides an excellent service, delivering fresh food daily to the school. These high quality lunches are chosen from a varied and interesting menu. You will be advised on how to access the menu service for child on enrolling in the school. From September 2023, our school intends to provide a hot lunch option free of charge.

School Policies