School Life

Moyderwell Mercy National School - Students with Blocks

Innovative Programmes and Approaches

  • Maths Recovery
  • Reading Recovery
  • STAR Assessed Renaissance Accelerated Reading Programme with MyOn Digital Library within the individual’s Zone of Proximal Development
  • Incredible Years Positive Behaviour and Zones of Emotional Regulation Training
  • Friends for Life Anxiety Prevention and Resilience Building


At Moyderwell Mercy Primary, we offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports including:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hurling
  • Soccer
  • Badminton
  • Spike Ball
  • Running
  • Tag-Rugby
  • Wake-Up Shake-Up
  • Cool Movers
Primary School Boys playing Hurling
Moyderwell Mercy Students working on Laptop

ICT/Film Production

Occasionally, students in out fifth and sixth classes receive an introduction to film making through the use of ICT. Some of the productions have been of a very high standard, receiving both local and national media coverage.

A sample of some the videos produced are below.

Film-Makers of the Future


We have developed our school garden in recent years with the help of Miss Doughty and the work of the students that have volunteered for the Gardening Team.

Students are directly involved in choosing what is planted in the garden each year and we now have a number of fruit trees along with strawberries, blackcurrants, rhubarb, pumpkin and a variety of other fruit and vegetables growing in the garden.

Students who wish to participate, work in the garden at least once a week throughout the year, with more sessions during planting and harvesting seasons.

Moyderwell Mercy National School Garden with Students

BT Primary Science Exhibition

We have been successful participants at the RDS Primary Science Fair Exhibition since 2009 following the achievement of our former past-pupil, Emer Jones (2008 Over-all Winner of the BT Young Scientist Competition).

The RDS Primary Science Fair is run in conjunction with the BT Young Scientist Exhibition at the RDS in Dublin each January.

A group of interested sixth class  students have attended the exhibition with individual and combined projects. This involves an overnight trip to Dublin. This activity has provided our students with countless learning opportunities both from an academic and a personal perspective.


Get into Strings

Deirdre Johnson (Professional Cellist) and Lucy Tanner White (Professional Violinist) from Music Generation Kerry are working with our First  Second Classes and Third Classes. Our children access live performance music on a weekly basis and learn the fundamentals of either the cello or violin.


Children in 5th and 6th Classes have worked with Professional Musician Ben Glavin in Term 1. Chris Ledwidge will continue in Term 2 & 3, and include 4th Class

Irish Traditional Music

Children from 4th and 5th Class have been introduced  to the  ‘D’ Tin-Whistle’ by class-teacher or supporting teacher from school in Term 1.  These children have been offered free after-school lessons in Term 2 & 3 by a in-school teacher in the ‘Trad-Shed@Room 17. This session takes place on Mondays from 2.30pm – 3.15pm. The violinists from the former ‘Colour My Strings’ programme are welcome to join.

School Choir

Our school choir has a long history, providing a musical outlet for our students over the years. We have participated in the Cross-Border Peace Proms, attended events at Christmas to support local charities, worked with other local schools for religious celebrations. The choir have prepared for The 2023 Peace Proms in Term 1 and will perform at University Limerick on Sunday 18th January 2023.

St John’s Parish Scola is a group of children from 4th to 6th who come to the Organ Loft on Sunday’s for 11.40pm rehearsal to sing the 12 Noon Mass.

Music Gallery